The Eden Of Fake Roses - Bridal Project

The Eden Of Fake Roses - Bridal Project


*First Minute full of laughter*

 TorbaStudio: Seriously, now, let’s start. Introduce yourself to the audience who are getting to know you for the first time?

 Raghad:  Hello, everyone! I am Raghad Al Ahmad and erm… and I am an artist/interior designer. Yeah, that's pretty much it.


 TorbaStudio: Okay, you mentioned that you are an artist, and we know that you are great with collage art, so tell us, how did you start with collage art?

 Raghad: Growing up, I explored many materials as an artist, like exploring with coloring, and I’ve always thought that I would be a painter more than a “Collage artist” but through high school I was exploring digital collage through an iPad. I started layering images, and I liked it, and learned more about Pop Art. 

Also, while studying interior design in college, there were many shapes, forms, and colors. Usually, my artwork tells a story of my roots and background through figures. For example, I might be into Islamic architecture, how it's built, and how it connects us to God. And collage art connects me to my childhood, It’s like a journey back and forth into yourself.


 TorbaStudio: When we look at artists, some talk about political issues, and others might be expressing their struggle through mental illness for example, so where do you see yourself in that?
     Raghad:  I'm expressing myself and my surroundings, and sometimes it can be a social issue. For example, in Hafiz Gallery, I talked about marriage at a young age, where the young girl was hopping on the train. So it’s about me and the culture because I am part of it.
     TorbaStudio: Which kind of art movement are you into?
       Raghad:  I'm interested in the Bauhaus and the Memphis design school. Also, I am interested in Islamic art and architecture. So I see myself as a mixture of both. I love the shape of the mihrab and the dome because we don’t usually see these elements every day as women so I want to connect more by mixing these elements together in my work.
       TorbaStudio: So, do you want to continue working with collage? Will we see more collage art from you?
       Raghad:  Yes, yes, of course! There is an element of surprise because you don’t know what you're dealing with. Sometimes I would write the story of what I will do and then start cutting human figures from different kinds of images, turning them into something else. I still enjoy it because it’s like me talking to the pictures.

         TorbaStudio:  Where do you get inspiration when you go into your space? Is it from books or from the internet…etc?
         Raghad:  I always look at the opposite side of what I'm doing, because I know that the subconscious mind will collect those images, and you'll always accidentally copy another artist, and I don’t want to fall into that. So I always read about human nature, documentaries about animals, and serial killers, hahaha. I enjoy this. I always create sketches with whatever ideas that spark in my head.
        ^ Some of Raghad's sketches
         TorbaStudio: So let’s talk now about the wedding dress! We were thrilled when we first received that you wanted us to design the wedding dress! So tell us why you chose Torba to create your wedding dress?
         Raghad:  Going back to the first time I met you two, it was in 2018. I visited Riyadh and you guys took me to the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. It was an online friendship, and I was very excited to meet you in person because I loved the designs you're building and how each piece is unique and relatable to me. I love how you have this modest/provocative edgy side to it. I always pick a piece from your collections that stays with me like the “Poetry belt” from your Graduation project. 
          So, later on I wanted to design a customized personal piece with Torba, and the wedding was a chance to do that! Since I am not a fan of the usual wedding dresses. I wanted to create one with a journey and a story behind it. 
          I didn’t want to go to a wedding dress boutique where someone would tell me: “Sit here, habibti”. I was nervous and wanted to work with friends and, have a more fun experience. 
           TorbaStudio: In the beginning, it was important to us to create a dress that is you. We asked many questions about your background, interests, and what you wanted in a wedding dress. Tell us more about that?
           Raghad:  We have a traditional dress in Taif that I love which is called “Al Thoub Al badawi”. I took this traditional dress from my grandmother. It’s like a legacy. I was happy that this was the main inspiration for the wedding dress. An Inspiration from my roots. Because I’m originally from a village called “Wadi Mehrim”. I love it there. I love my family, how they dance, and the memories. I appreciate being surrounded by the mountains and the roses. 
           TorbaStudio: So when you came to see the proposal, were you happy with the proposed concept: “The Eden Of Fake Roses”?
           Raghad:  I loved it. Especially the “Fake Roses” part because it’s relatable to me. I’ve been a mountain girl then going to the city. People behave with nature in the city differently from the people in the village. So I feel like it’s the fake roses of the city.

           TorbaStudio: And you really wanted to include poetry. So tell us why did you want to include poetry?
           Raghad:   I had a weak relationship with poetry in school, and I wanted to connect deeply with it. I love the Arabic language, and I wanted to include it. I’ve always loved the poetry of HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal. We had one of his  poetry books in our old family library, so it brought memories to me. I love how he describes the pink skies, the deserts, and the romantic lines. I know you’ve been inspired before by his poetry in the “Poetry belt.” So it added to the whole inspiration. I loved the line we chose. It speaks about real love in a conceptual way where you feel the “Skoon.” (easement).
          ^ From The Book "من أديم الوطن"
           TorbaStudio: So, to the last moment when you walked the aisle in the dress, how did you feel?
           Raghad:  It was surreal. I was very concerned because the audience was looking at every move, but what made me calm was that you designed a tulle blusher veil, so I didn't clearly see everyone.
           TorbaStudio: We loved the moment you reached the end of the aisle, and he (The husband) helped you remove the veil.
           Raghad:   Yeah, I felt it’s a mysterious, elegant piece.
           TorbaStudio: Anything you want to add?
           Raghad:   I want to highlight my appreciation for the dress coming in different layers. I can later wear it on other occasions like there’s the crown, the main dress, the skirt, the sleeves and the gloves. 
           TorbaStudio: Last remark?
           Raghad:   I was pleased to have this stressful journey as a bride to work alongside Torba Studio. This is an advice for future brides, go work with your friends. The right people will give their 100%. And you can enjoy the process, trusting they'll make you look your best. I enjoyed all the moments of laughter, fitting sessions. The stressful days and nights, haha. In the end, it all became a really nice memory.

          The bridal bouquet was designed and 3D printed. To last as a wedding souvenir in Raghad's house with the poetry line engraved in the bouquet's holding box.


          *Special thanks to everyone who worked with us through this project* 


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