"SPIRIT" Collection Campaign Behind The Scenes

"SPIRIT" Collection Campaign Behind The Scenes
We are living in a mysterious world, and one of it's great mysteries is the SOUL. Have you ever wondered what is the color, form, aura of your soul? Does it have the same features as your human body, or does it have a different look? Faceless, perhaps?
As human beings, we are made from the same element “dust” and we are built in the same way, we grow as individuals with our thoughts, traditions, religions, and we end up eventually in the same way. Then our spirits transform into another mysterious realm.
Multiple questions were asked through designing the "SPIRIT" collection and campaign, and in this article, we will take you in a behind the scenes of the visuals of the campaign. 

A Tornado Of Souls


In the Campaign’s Video, Two figures were presented as a "Good" vs "Evil" wandering aimlessly. And immersed into an aerial form, the only state with no fixed shape. This was depicted through shooting underwater where we can manipulate the weight and give a feeling of floating. We were looking into the constant human struggle between righteousness and wickedness.




There is a very interesting concept to look at In Islamic methodology, which tells that our first being was not here, on planet earth in this human form, but the first was up in the heavens, as souls were gathered like an enormous army of aerial new creatures, it says that whoever was close to each other on that phase will find intimate connection here on this phase of earth living. And vice versa. 
Ever found a person that you click with and feel like you knew from a very long time? Maybe you actually had a good conversation in another realm? Do soul mates exist? Maybe... Maybe.
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