Mortal Spring Collection "Rocky Cliffs" Installation

Mortal Spring Collection "Rocky Cliffs" Installation

Torba Studio's latest installation-themed "Rocky Cliffs", held in Riyadh, Personage exploring the in-betweens and verge of things.

The collection's campaign video titled "In A Purple Field" represents the two verges of life, mortality, and immortality, shown through a monitor hung on the edge of a steel wall.

The rocks against the furry carpet take inspiration from the baboons on the rocky cliffs of the Sarawat mountains.

And lastly, two lively plants tossed on the side of the entry in this cold space.

"On a windy day, they got into the train leaving for their annual spring vacation. However, this time the train had no passengers but the two of them, the train whistled moving, then speeding until the scenes from the windows blurred before their eyes".

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