SPIRIT Collection "Extended Arms" Installation

SPIRIT Collection "Extended Arms" Installation


"SPIRIT" AW21 collection was inspired by the concept of how alluring lights and attractive objects can be and how greed can distract a person from their destination. How the city at dusk shows another vision of the world we live in, and the different spirits living with us. The campaign for this collection was to deliver the feeling of a wandering spirit in an alluring world.


In the science of vision, moving objects can attract the eyes easily, with physics and gravity screens were assembled to act as floating on air with extended arms on a cubic figure, even though the monitors are on the same figure yet all facing different ways, the same way the two mannequins occupying the same space yet never facing each other. Also with the crooked hanger with clear beads floating up the ceiling. The direction of every object embodies the wandering soul.

A wall of another three figures each facing different directions. Mixing raw materials with technology to show how impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect this life is no matter how developed in technology we become. Technology is mere useless without electricity, but its limits are vast when powered with cables and can grow stronger when connected, mirroring brain vessels.


"Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes awhile for your memories to return."


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