Is The Feeling Of A Cold Oasis In The Middle Of The Desert.
It’s A Place Where You Will Take A Rest, Listening To The Stories Of The Unknown.
A Place Where You Will Be Reminded That Our Existence Is Mortal.

Torba office space taken it’s inspiration from the Postmodernism movement and contemporary finishes, reflecting nature elements in an asymmetrical manner. The settle entry appearance of the dried rabbit tail grass and the mirror reflecting the light to one’s way.

The change of color in the terrazzo floor tiles once you enter the glassed meeting room representing the transformation of the mindset within the same space, floor colors taken from the nude desert rocks against the grey mountain rocks.

Hard and soft materials mixed with the curved carpet lines and hard molded chairs mimicking the 1980’s interior catalogues against the 1950’s vertical blinds. “A tool for enlightenment” the classic Anglepoise lamp mounted on the desk surface for the eye’s clarity 

“The light that comes from behind can light the way before one’s eyes.”