A Conversation With Hiro

A Conversation With Hiro

The weather is finally getting cooler in Japan, and Hiro found the right time to wear Torba's Soulmates hoodie, a trip to the suburb farm Mother Bokujo in Chiba. With a clip that made us all laugh, as Hiro likes to call it "Running With The Ducks."


We got the chance to have a fun conversation with the light spirited person HIRO.



- Hi Hiro! How are you doing? 

Hello or こんにちは (konichiwa) in Japanese, I’m doing great as always keeping it 100.

- We’re delighted to be chatting with you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers who might not have met you yet? 

Sure, my name is Abdulaziz Almutairi from Saudi Arabia, an influencer who’s living in Japan since 10 years ago known by Hiro. I'm a YouTuber And a content creator in other platforms. Hiro is a Japanese name that I really like, that’s why I use it in every social media, I make videos about introducing the beautiful culture of Japan to my middle east audience. 

- You’re a multitalented person and you mentioned rapping, tell us more about that and would you be able to put some words in rhyme for us? :)

Since I was a kid, I was listening to Eminem, my ultimate favorite artist from day one, that’s why I was into hip hop. And sure, I wrote this one recently:  

 Everyday tryna make progress a little bit..
 I feel like I'm in fight how I'm tryna make another hit..
 Yeah ,Hiro show been a rockstar people showing love I can’t waste it..
 Left my mama since I was a lil kid but I couldn’t take it..
 It was worst goodbye, but I really wanted to try something deferent..
 And thats why I moved to japan tryna be another man but in the other hand..
 I’m tired of eating ramen, I’m tired of living check to check I’m tired of being common..
 I wanna be the greatest..
 Just like my hero, shout out to him, EMINEM!! 

- Where are you now, and what’s the last thing you ate?

I’m in Tokyo right now chilling watching my fav anime called ONE PIECE and eating popcorn with iced tea🍿;) 

- Do you love animals, and what would you adopt as a pet?

Of course, I love animals so much and I don’t know why every time I meet any animal I feel like we know each other since a long time, they just become so friendly with me so quick, I think it’s weird but in a good way lol. If I can adopt I've always wanted to have a Husky or a wolf because it’s my spiritual animal.

- Any top tourism tips for people passing through Tokyo? 

Try to learn the Basic Japanese because most of them don’t speak English for example: How much is that? Where is the toilet? And if you’re lazy always try to say (  nihongo hanasanai  ) which means I don’t speak Japanese then they will try to understand your English lol.

- Can you tell us your favorite moment from living in Japan, and the thing you’re most looking forward to next year? 

My favourite moment is when I graduated from university and I kept the promise I made to my mother, which is that one day she’ll be proud of me. 

- How would you describe your style? 

Well, my hair is always messy and that’s why I like to wear caps🧢 or Bennies and my fav color is black so I can say my style is black streetwear, anime influences and oversized.

- Which Japanese artists do you admire, and what is it about them and their work that resonates with you?

Kentaro Miura aka the legend manga artist, who made my favourite manga of all time BERSERK. He passed away in 2021, I loved his art and I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes dark fantasy🖤. 

- What does your workspace look like? (Show us a picture if you can)? And are there any rituals you do that get you into the creative atmosphere?

Sure, this is my setup and where I usually make content and live streams. I really enjoy editing and people loving my videos which makes me really happy.

- Which piece from the (Afternoon Dreams) collection is your favorite, and why? 

I really like the new collection and my favourite one was : the Afternoon dreams T-shirt (coming soon) and my favourite of all time from TobraStudio is the Soulmate black hoodie

- Any final words of wisdom you want to share with the world? 

I would like to say for those who are reading right now, never stop loving yourself and no matter what happens you’re amazing just the way you are. And stop thinking about things that bothers you that happened in the past, like what
Ragnar Lothbrok said : "Don't waste your time looking back. You're not going that way." 
you live once so enjoy it. :)

Finally, Japan is officially open right now, so I’m waiting for you all to come and experience the beautiful culture of Japan and let's have some coffee, because why not? 🗻🍜🍣


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