SAN-SHYN and Torba Wall Poster Collaboration

SAN-SHYN and Torba Wall Poster Collaboration

The Riyadh based Graphic designer and Type-enthusiast SAN-SHYN stroke her brush at Torba's Studio with her vibrant Typography on a Poster collaboration.

Part of our interest in the art and design community, we worked with one of our favorite artist SAN-SHYN to add on her style to a poster we created during the "Mortal Spring" collection, which had a photo-sequence of the veiled woman in a burst of blue ink. We asked SAN to get creative with what she think can add life to the poster, and she came up with this bold type style in the color mustard yellow with the brand's slogan:


Torba caught up with the graphic and type artist to discuss her work style and inspiration, street fashion and more.


- Who or what inspired you to become a graphic Designer?

Honestly, the first time I heard about graphic design was a few days before I chose my major in college. And the reason I chose it was because a teacher told me that I will be really good at it and I will be able to experiment with a lot of techniques and materials to create my work, I trusted her and I loved that idea. But in general, graffiti and lettering was the inspiration.

- What's your philosophy in your work and how would you describe your art style?

I don't know if this is considered a philosophy, but I will draw like a child. I will create for the hell of it. It's freeing, healing and sometimes it can be very spiritual.

In three words, I would describe my art style as: Expressive, loud, dark. And lately, childish.

-Your favorite art movement?

I love all art movements through history, but street art always stood out for me and I would say it is my favorite.

- How long did it take for you to develop your signature style and what is your ultimate inspiration?

I guess it was years of practice, trying out different things and techniques until I found what I enjoyed doing the most. For my inspiration, I can't create without music, so I would say music inspires me.

- Describe your fashion style, and what does street fashion mean to you?

As for my fashion style, I love wearing casual and comfortable clothes, and usually I love to dress up like a skateboarder although I am a really bad one.

"Street fashion is so diverse! For me it means freedom."

- What do you want people to take away from your work?

Two things: 1. Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of, you should not hide it and pretend that you are fine. 2. I want people to embrace how they feel with as much transparency as possible and not care what people would think of them.

- If you were given a microphone to say one thing to the world, what would you say?

I don't have anything to say to the world, I honestly don't know what I am doing or why I am doing it, I am just trying to keep myself sane in the middle of this chaos.

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