Torba Studio is a Riyadh-based conceptual fashion brand designing womenswear, menswear and accessory collections. Focusing on creating statement pieces that work around the brand’s aesthetic. 


More about Torba studio

The brand was co-founded straight after university in 2018 by two fashion designers who met in college in the art department. In their first meeting they discovered that they shared the same vision of creating a clothing brand. They studied graphic design for a year and decided to change path and study what they originally wanted which is fashion design. 

Continuing to grow the brand independently and delivering seasonal collections that are made sustainably in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The name of the brand ‘Torba’ is an Arabic word that means sand, which is the core of the human’s origin. The colors nude and red are Torba’s signature colors, which is a conceptual take of the human’s Skin & Blood. Nude makes us feel earthy and grounded whereas red gives us life and energy and that’s the spirit we carry around the brand. In addition, the brand is represented in the hand figure which show the artisan side of the fashion craft, where it starts and finishes with hands and stitches.

Torba Studio takes its inspiration from the mystery and philosophy of the unknown, spirit and the after life. And that’s where the brand’s slogan, ‘See beyond what you can touch’ expresses how the brand wants to tell that things don’t have to be seen in order to be true. Creating pieces that play on the brand’s love of thought-provoking ideas and graphics.